One Thing (Maybe Two) to Improve Recruiting in 2020

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As hiring professionals, every year we resolve to be better and find that “one thing” that will make a difference in getting qualified applicants while saving our company money.  We work to improve our brand, our strategy, our website and our postings. But as it turns out, that’s not the “one thing” that can have the most impact on our success.  The one thing that makes a difference….Communication! 

In an informal poll we asked applicants, “what’s the one thing that makes you crazy during the interview process?”  Their overwhelming response – not knowing where they are in the process.  One person commented, “I’ve never felt so dismissed going through the current hiring process.”

Applicants don’t care how you communicate with them!  Give them a call.  Send them an email or a text.  Just please don’t leave them hanging.  They deserve to know.  They have jumped through your hoops, worked hard on their resume and cover letter, and filled out your on-line form (P.S.  they hate these too)!  They researched your company and they interviewed their hearts out.  What they want does not cost you anything.   

Sure, all of the pieces in hiring are important and let’s face it, they are hard.  We work in an environment with 3% unemployment – or less!  But at the end of the day, let’s remember that the PEOPLE you are interviewing need the same “one thing” we all do, communication. 

Happy New Year!