Job Tips for the New (and not so new) Applicant

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They say turn about is fair play.  With this in mind, I asked my HR friends what applicants are doing to sabotage themselves during the application and interview process.  Here are five tips to help you get your dream job!

  1. Before you apply, take a look at your resume and application.  Things that make Human Resource (HR) folks crazy include: spelling, email addresses that are inappropriate (really,, swearing on your ap (yep, that’s a real thing) and grammar.  If you’re not sure, ask your really smart friend to review it for you.
  2. Be prepared.  When you show up for your interview, dress appropriately, have copies of your resume, carry a pen and a notepad.  Nothing will crush your dreams faster than if you show up in a tube top and ask for a pen!
  3. Show up!  You have made the effort to apply (which in some cases is no easy feat).  If you are given the luxury of an interview, please show up.  If you can’t show up (we know life happens), then please call.  If you truly want the job, showing up is a great way to demonstrate you are a responsible, potential employee.
  4. Know what you are applying for.  One HR Professional commented, “ I hire truck drivers. We jump through all the hoops, then they fail the drug screen. Really. They know it’s required.”  Read through the job description.  Is this a good fit for you?  If not, please don’t apply.
  5. Don’t have Mom pick up your application.  (I assume this was for a new person!)  Again, one of my favorite business owners replied this makes her crazy.  As a side note, she dislikes having the parents or significant other wait in the lobby while she conducts the interview. I get it, you might not have your license or ability to drive.  If so, please ask your person to wait in the car.  You are a grown up – you’re working (or hopefully working) now.

Nothing hard or scary here.  Let me know if you have additional tips for new hires.  Oh, and I hope there really is no one that goes by!